Collier Charitable Fund

Welcome to the Collier Charitable Fund (ABN 23 957 575 189), a perpetual charitable trust.

The Fund was established in 1954 by Alice, Edith and Annette Collier, three Melbourne sisters, in order to create a means by which their lifelong practice of generous support of charities and of the disadvantaged would be continued indefinitely after their death.

Since then, the Trustees of the Fund have been making grants from the Fund's income each year to many worthwhile organisations and projects in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia. The total of the grants made to date exceeds $82 million. 

N.B. Please note that the closing date for Distribution applications is 30 June.

Appointment of Executive Officer and Fund Secretary.

The Trustees are pleased to advise that Wendy Lewis will take up the position of Executive Officer and Fund Secretary on 14 April 2015. She will work with Geoff Linton, the current Secretary for a period post her appointment to transition to her new role.

Wendy has been the Chief Executive Officer of Girl Guides Victoria since 2004. With over 30 years experience, predominately in the not-for-profit sector she has worked in manufacturing, accounting services, independent schools and tertiary colleges. Wendy is the Treasurer and Chair of the Investment & finance committee of the Invergowrie Foundation and a Board member of The Knox School. She has qualifications in accountancy, education, an MBA and a Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Not-For-Profit Studies.

Collier Charitable Fund is fortunate that a person of Wendy's broad experience and skills and strong commitment to the not-for-profit sector has accepted appointment as Executive Officer and Fund Secretary. The Trustees look forward to working with Wendy in the management and ongoing development of the Fund.

The Trustees are also very appreciative of the major contribution to the operation and development of the Collier Charitable Fund made by Geoff Linton during his ten years of service as Secretary of the Fund and wish Geoff well in his retirement.

Michael Kingston Chairman of Trustees.

25 February 2015.