About the online grant system


At the beginning 2019 the Collier Charitable Fund started working with Causeis Pty Ltd, a software development company, to design and build the online system. 

Together we created of a system that we hope will be easy for applicants to use as well as providing the Fund with a database and reporting system that will enhance the administration of the Fund.

The system now holds all of the Fund's grant distribution records since the Fund commenced in 1954 and comprises 15,565 distributions and 3,357 organisations.

Once your organisation is registered in the system you will be able to:

  • access your contact details and edit your profile
  • submit an online application
  • access and download previous and current applications (available for applications submitted since 2017)
  • view a list of grants awarded to your organisation
  • access and download grant reports that have been submitted

Both the online application and report forms can be started, and the information will be saved until you are ready to return to complete and submit these forms.

The introduction of this system marks a new way forward for the Fund and we look forward to hearing your feedback about the system.


2021 Grant Applications

The applications for the 2021 grant round have been finalised and all applicants have been notifed of the outcome.  

Grant report form (acquittal)

The online grant report form, for both progress and final reports can be found under the GRANTS tab.